Sunday, July 27, 2014

Club Penguin

I have joined Caramellos Operation Puffle Paradise.  Today I took my puffle to the puffle hotel, and got it a friend!
Techno Gecko and I have joined the operation, and you can too!  Sign up through Caramellos.  Click here to go to her blog and sign up.  This operation is designed for people who play Club Penguin.  It is FREE to play Club Penguin and to sign up for operation Puffle Paradise.!!!  A membership is not needed to get some color puffles.  Sign up today.
Waddle on Geckos!
-Gaming Gecko

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Todays Views

Most views today on, drum roll please.....
Thanks viewers!
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Thursday, July 24, 2014

Rays Gecko Pocet Planes

Rays Gecko, a viewer that I know well in real life, came over to my house the other day.  We played pocket planes and Tiny tower!  He loved it!  We restocked my tower, and partied in the elevator.  Then we headed over to the airport, and sent some cargo on its way to Lima.  We also built a new airport.  Now, Rays Gecko said that he is looking into buying it on his device at home!

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Welcome New Geckos!

Hi!  This post is for first time viewers.  I am Gaming Gecko!  My promise to you is a super kid friendly blog, with tips and facts for anyone of any gender or age.  If you have ever read my blog, or Techno Geckos Blog
then you are a gecko.  We have Geckos in 6 countries and counting. I have frequent new post on games for everyone.  I also let you guys know if I found another super kid safe blog like Caramellos on CP!
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Tiny Wings

What up Geckos! I just finished an intense game of tiny wings!It takes a lot of skill.  You really have to get the hang of it.  My bird is pretty pampered.  It has a premium nest!  Its nest is blue and yellow.  On the play against computer version, I play as Flamy, the pink bird, she has a top- notch nest.  Tip, tap the screen when you bird is nearing the bottom of the Vally.
Here are some pictures of tiny wings!
This is high score mode.  Try to go as far as you can before sunrise.  See how many islands you can get to.

Here, Flamy gets a large fish for getting to the bird at the end of the race before the other birds (play against computer) get there.  Don't get there  last, or you will be stuck with a shrimp!

Oh no Flamy! You are stuck with a small fish! Better luck next time!

This could be close!  Don't worry, frogs won't hurt you.

You can't fly that long without momentum.  Bounce on lilies to jump over the water holes if you don't think you can make it.  Its hard to swim when your a bird!

Get a high score.  Take a look at your sun meeter! You'll find us chasing the sun!

 Tiny wings is available on the app store.
Fly on geckos!
-Gaming Gecko

Gaming Gecko is now in seven countries!!!!

BIG announcement! Thanks to some geckos in Canada,  Ukraine, the U.S, and Germany,Ireland,Portugal and Poland my blog has been viewed by geckos in 7 countries!  Thank you so much viewers!  Congratulations to Caramellos, Club Penguin Blogger on her views from Russia! Caramellos Blog

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Techno Gecko has an awesome new post!

Techno Gecko has few views, but I read the blog, and it is AWESOmE! Please check it out!

View Stats

Today we had the most views on Windows.

Club Penguin

The new party Jam is ON in CP!  Come check it out!
Here is my penguin in a pop out fit.

View Stats

Today, the most views took place on: Macintosh! (apple laptop)

Sunday, July 20, 2014

The iPhone 5c colors

The iPhone 5c comes in many colors. You can also by a case for it that show the color underneath.  My favorite color combination is a blue phone with a white case. You can see what that looks like on the apple website. Here is the link for the apple website!

Thursday, July 17, 2014


It's gaming gecko!  A close friend by the name techno gecko now has a blog! Check it out!Techno Geckos Blog

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

New Background

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Mine Out

 What up Geckos! I was so excited when I found out that Glen Martin shared one of my post on Google Plus because I love his games.  He is the creator of mine out  and Brigands and Barbarians.  Since he is a gecko, I decided to do a post on his latest game, mine out.  Mine out is a mix between breakout, and Mine craft.  You can use your mine cart to hit a pick axe or shovel, which then hits the blocks. The goal is to hit all the blocks so they disappear.  You can also catch pigs and mushrooms in your mine cart.
Mine out is normally 99 cents, so I would definitely get it if it is free on the app store.  Mine out is unfortunately only available on apple devices.
To go to Glen Martin's Website, Click Here
Get Mine Out Here!
Google plus one this post if you play mine out, or are interested!
Mine on!
- Gaming Gecko

The gecko comunity

Thank you geckos for viewing my blog.  Thanks to 5 views from Germany, there are geckos in 3 countries all across the globe.  We have viewers in two different continents.
Here are some view stats:

EntryPage views
142 (54%)
69 (26%)
31 (11%)
Internet Explorer
14 (5%)
Mobile Safari
2 (<1%)
2 (<1%

 Thank you geckos for making my blog a success!

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Club Penguin

Do you play Club Penguin now?  If so, the new party is coming in about one week.  You should check it out. It will be a music jam.  My penguin is featured on Caramellos' blog.  Check it out.
Caramellos Blog

Start Your penguin! Click here to go to the CP website

Android Intresting Factoids

Some intristing facts about the android.
The android was founded in California (USA).
 It was founded in 2003, however the first android smartphone ever released didn't get released until 2008.
In case you already didn't know, the android revolves heavily around  your gmail, since it is made by Google.
The best part for me about the android is the association to Google. I am sure many of you have a gmail or E Blogger since you are on E Blogger now.  If so, an Android smartphone may be right for you.

Monday, July 7, 2014

Game Review: Jet Pack Joy Ride

In Jet pack Joyride, you have to dodge obstacles and try to earn coins.  If you don't dodge an obstacle, then the game is over.  Once you earn enough coins, you can buy power ups and different jet packs. I currently have a bubble jet pack. You can also try to achieve certain missions such as going a certain distance, etc.  One of the expert missions I am trying to achieve is Reach 1,750M without collecting any coins.  You can tweet your high scores on twitter.  Although I am not addicted to it (like I am to some other games) I highly recommend Jet pack Joy Ride.

Fly on Geckos!
~ Gaming Gecko

Thanks to some of our geckos for sharing this post

iOS 8

iOS 8 is the new iOS for apple devices.  The highest current iOS is iOS 7.  iOS 8 will have an even better picture and display.  Soon you will be able to edit photos right after you take them.  Also you can add a voice recording in a text message.  This way you will be talking back and forth through text!  Also, you can add a map with your location into the text so your friends know exactly where you are, even if you don't!  App developers will also have more convenient tools. iOS 8 is expected to come out this fall.  In fact, Apple producers are working on it right now. Also more convenient tools   have been added so you can save time going through your messages.  Plus, you can share your itunes and ibooks library with up to 6 people like your family!  This would be great if you had kids, or little brothers or sisters, so you could by books on your phone and have them appear on their phone. And now, apple is measuring up to the Samsung Galaxy S 5 with a new health app, with activity tracker, a heart rate monitor and more.  Plus, if someone is calling your cell phone, and your ipad is connected to wifi, then you can answer that call on your ipad, or your mac!  Also, check for a new invite app for planning your birthday party, a friends surprise party, a world cup party, or your kid's party! You can download iOS 8 on almost any device you can download iOS 7 on.  I'm just saying that because I'm not 100% sure.  What was first meant to be just for developers is turning into an all ages iOS!  I predict that it will be the best thing since, well, iOS 7!        
I am definetly looking forward to iOS 8! If you are too, remember that you can share the my post on Social media!

 click here to learn more about iOS 8 from the creator apple.

Live on Geckos!
-Gaming Gecko

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Samsung Galaxy S 5

The Samsung Galaxy S 5 is  my favorite Samsung phone.Although I don't have a Samsung phone, if I had to pick one of theirs, then I would pick this one.  It is only 0.32  pounds, and has a large display.  It also has auto focus, for moving objects that you want to capture.  You can also choose your focus after you take the photo.  There is also a built in pedometer.  It also is one of the only smart phones with a heart rate sensor.  The ultra power saving mode sends phone to gray scale if your phone is running low, so you can finish your texting chat before battery runs out.  Internet is faster on the Galaxy S 5 than other smartphones.  If your going to go with Samsung for your new phone, then I suggest you take a look at the Galaxy S 5, you might just fall in love with it.

Iphone 6

News on the latest Iphone from apple:  Iphone 6
The Iphone 6 is expected to come out in September.  The first iphone 6 will probably be 4.7 inches.  Rumor has it that later on, what I think may become iphone 6 S will be even larger, just over 5 inches.  Competing phones are also larger, so I think apple might be trying to measure up.  With the Iphone 6, will come IOS 8.  I will be doing another post on that later. The battery will be unremovable.  I predict that there will be a lightning connector,  but I am not quite sure.
Find out more:
Iphone 6
Macrumors/iphone 6

Text on Geckos!
-Gaming Geckos

Tiny Tower

Hi Everyone! It's Gaming Gecko here!  I just added my 44th floor to tiny tower!  Create your tower!  Add stores, restaurants and residential floors.
Try tiny tower on the app store

Also by Niblet:
Tiny Death Star
Pocket Trains
Pocket Planes

Plus, Remember that you can share post on social media! Just Refer to me as Gaming Gecko .
Thanks Geckos!  Remember that all these games are fun for all ages and genders!  Find the kid in you! And if you are a kid than, BE A KID I guess! I mean you don't really have a choice.  My promise is to NEVER use inappropriate language on my blog.


Friday, July 4, 2014

Top 2 paid apps and top 2 free apps have changed!

What up Geckos!  Gaming Gecko here with your top free and paid app of the day.

Paid Apps:
1.Minecraft PE
2. Frozen: Storybook Deluxe (0.99)

1. True Skate
2. Selfie Shave

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Hi Geckos!

Hi Geckos! Thanks for looking at my blog! I am always adding new gaming tips.  Please share the link with your friends.  If you really like one of my post you can share it on Facebook, pintrest or twitter.  Thanks again and game on!

Thanks for Being a Gaming Gecko!
-Gaming Gecko

Cool App Songify By Smule

You might be a good singer, and you don't even know you have it in you!  The app SONGIFY literately songifies  your words.  Just speak, pick a tune, and bam! You have your new hit single. Songify by Smule is free on the app store.  Also check out auto rap by Smule.  You have a whole album now!

Gaming Geckos can sing too.
-Gaming Gecko

The Great debate- Pandora vs Spotify

Ways better than spotify:
Gives you songs based on what you like
Add variety to stations
Alarm Clock

Ways that spotify is better:
Spotify has more variety
Play any song you type in
less commercials
less bugs and crashes

There are less things better about Pandora, than better about Spotify, and being able to play any song you type in is a huge advantage.
Therefore, SPOTIFY wins!

What weather app is better?

Weather updates are great to have.  Which one is better?
I have hand picked two weather apps for you to compare.

Yahoo Weather:
Rated 5 stars
Great Backgrounds
Weather Maps
Weather Forecast

Weather Channel App:
Mixed Reviews
3 star average rating
Constant Updates
5 day forecast
weather maps
news other than weather

Best Pick:
Yahoo Weather

Although I enjoy The Weather Channel app, it often glitches, and it has more 1 star reviews than five star reviews.

The Yahoo Weather App is rated 5 stars, and is more reliable.

App store top charts as of 7/2/14

Paid apps: Top 5:
1. Mine Craft PE
2Civilization Revolution 2 (14.99)
3.Scanner Pro by Readdle (2.99)
4.The Survival Games (99 cents)
5. Disney Checkout Challenge (99cents)

Free apps:Top 5:
1. True Skate
2. WatchESPN
3.Kim Kardashian: Hollywood
4. World of Tanks Blitz

Game on geckos!
-Gaming Gecko

Club Penguin

What up Geckos!  Thanks for checking out my blog!  I am going to tell you about a fun game that I have been playing for 5 years.  Club Penguin is a fun game where you can earn coins, participate in parties, buy clothes hang out with friends and more.  I love this blog about club penguin by Caramellos.  Want to see it?   Check out !

Game on geckos!
-Gaming Gecko
Hi everyone!  It's Gaming Gecko!  I have a ton of cool apps you can checkout on any apple device.  I will give you more in depth descriptions later on in future post.

Mine out
Fun mix between break out and mine craft

Chain of thought
Challenging word game

Addictive game that all connects

A game where you combine numbers on a grid to get a new high score

Brigands And Barbarians
Travel on a map and defeat monsters

Tiny Tower
Make a cool tower with your own shops and residential floors

Pocket Planes
Run your own airport

How many words can you make?

Keep gaming geckos!

Gaming Gecko welcomes you

Hi! I am Gaming Gecko!  This is a super safe blog, where you can read appropriate post for people of all ages and genders.  I do all kinds of blogs about my favorite video games and other gaming stuff.  I hope you enjoy my blog, and share the link to all your friends!

Happy gaming Geckos!!
-Gaming Gecko