Monday, July 7, 2014

iOS 8

iOS 8 is the new iOS for apple devices.  The highest current iOS is iOS 7.  iOS 8 will have an even better picture and display.  Soon you will be able to edit photos right after you take them.  Also you can add a voice recording in a text message.  This way you will be talking back and forth through text!  Also, you can add a map with your location into the text so your friends know exactly where you are, even if you don't!  App developers will also have more convenient tools. iOS 8 is expected to come out this fall.  In fact, Apple producers are working on it right now. Also more convenient tools   have been added so you can save time going through your messages.  Plus, you can share your itunes and ibooks library with up to 6 people like your family!  This would be great if you had kids, or little brothers or sisters, so you could by books on your phone and have them appear on their phone. And now, apple is measuring up to the Samsung Galaxy S 5 with a new health app, with activity tracker, a heart rate monitor and more.  Plus, if someone is calling your cell phone, and your ipad is connected to wifi, then you can answer that call on your ipad, or your mac!  Also, check for a new invite app for planning your birthday party, a friends surprise party, a world cup party, or your kid's party! You can download iOS 8 on almost any device you can download iOS 7 on.  I'm just saying that because I'm not 100% sure.  What was first meant to be just for developers is turning into an all ages iOS!  I predict that it will be the best thing since, well, iOS 7!        
I am definetly looking forward to iOS 8! If you are too, remember that you can share the my post on Social media!

 click here to learn more about iOS 8 from the creator apple.

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