Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Mine Out

 What up Geckos! I was so excited when I found out that Glen Martin shared one of my post on Google Plus because I love his games.  He is the creator of mine out  and Brigands and Barbarians.  Since he is a gecko, I decided to do a post on his latest game, mine out.  Mine out is a mix between breakout, and Mine craft.  You can use your mine cart to hit a pick axe or shovel, which then hits the blocks. The goal is to hit all the blocks so they disappear.  You can also catch pigs and mushrooms in your mine cart.
Mine out is normally 99 cents, so I would definitely get it if it is free on the app store.  Mine out is unfortunately only available on apple devices.
To go to Glen Martin's Website, Click Here
Get Mine Out Here!
Google plus one this post if you play mine out, or are interested!
Mine on!
- Gaming Gecko