Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Tiny Wings

What up Geckos! I just finished an intense game of tiny wings!It takes a lot of skill.  You really have to get the hang of it.  My bird is pretty pampered.  It has a premium nest!  Its nest is blue and yellow.  On the play against computer version, I play as Flamy, the pink bird, she has a top- notch nest.  Tip, tap the screen when you bird is nearing the bottom of the Vally.
Here are some pictures of tiny wings!
This is high score mode.  Try to go as far as you can before sunrise.  See how many islands you can get to.

Here, Flamy gets a large fish for getting to the bird at the end of the race before the other birds (play against computer) get there.  Don't get there  last, or you will be stuck with a shrimp!

Oh no Flamy! You are stuck with a small fish! Better luck next time!

This could be close!  Don't worry, frogs won't hurt you.

You can't fly that long without momentum.  Bounce on lilies to jump over the water holes if you don't think you can make it.  Its hard to swim when your a bird!

Get a high score.  Take a look at your sun meeter! You'll find us chasing the sun!

 Tiny wings is available on the app store.
Fly on geckos!
-Gaming Gecko