Wednesday, October 8, 2014

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Yesterday I was online and playing with a TON of new friends! Me and Thequestion dressed like minions who came to EPF! The people who joined the minions were Williammax, Mr Jane73, Peekachu 45, Phineas 3776, Candy23802, Weegogo, and Qq3388. It was so hilarious;whenever we came into a room all the penguins screamed MINIONS! This is us minions at the ice berg…

LOL the iceberg is indeed now yellow! We went to a minion concert after that. No one else came down there…Seats reserved for minions LOL! Aww man you can’t really see me much in this pic!

Last but not least we ran across the whole island to the bookroom! Sorry if we disturbed your reading LOL =D

I helped settle a debate…”Who is Dave?” LOL! Turned out to be Phineas 3776 and NOT Mr Jane73 =( anyways I hope you enjoyed this post of “Fun in the Blizzard!”

Sounds Like fun Caramellos! (is jealous)
Minion on Geckos!
-Gaming Gecko