Friday, August 15, 2014

Gaming goup rules reminder

Hi guys! It's Gaming Gecko!  Are you  signed into your gmail account? Great! If you are then you can join the first ever Gecko Gaming Groups.  Your goal is to try and get all your friends to join your group.  The game that wins will be featured on all of the Gecko blogs! The winning game will be determined by the number of members.
How to sign up for a group:
Look at the post above or below titled ____ gaming group and find all the games that you have played, and enjoyed.  After that Google Plus one (must be signed into a gmail account) the game's post.  After this, you are in!
Growing your group:
Share the post of the group you signed up for through email, Facebook,  pintrest, blogger, twitter, or tell your friends, then have the ones with a Google account Google plus one it! The more you share, the higher chances your team will win!
You can join as many groups as you want.
Must have a Gmail or Google account to participate through this process.